verification of water meters

Our company has existed in the Russian industry for many years. During this period, we now have managed to achieve actually apparent outcomes. We have been constantly building.

Concurrently, three simple concepts are the principal for people:

good quality of work;

higher professionalism;


The important thing to the undoubted accomplishment is in the subsequent:

Along the way of employment, we shall certainly use modern, great-top quality and dear equipment. This gives us the ability to give substantial guarantees for your high quality products that we sell. As well as offer you her servicing.

We operate straight together with the finest manufacturers. We now have no intermediaries. This allows us to offer you our buyers good quality products at the most huge discounts.

The principle guidelines in our effective process are definitely the sale of heat and water meters, wired and wireless data transmitting solutions, different mixers, radiators, great-high quality accessories and other goods. Also, our professionals mount and repair, assemble and replace, offer maintenance and calibration of metering units. You will entrust the solution of problems to highly qualified specialists if you decide to contact us.

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